How much does it cost to repair a car dent?

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2024)

Is your polished, gleaming, brand-new vehicle experiencing a rough day? Did that distracted biker cause damage to your immaculate vehicle? Most vehicle owners would concur that their car is akin to another child, which should be safeguarded and kept safe at any expense. 

However, despite our valiant efforts at driving attentively and carefully, we cannot predict circumstances, like sharp turns, falling debris, or unfortunate encounters with terrible drivers, which leave our cars banged up and definitely out of shape. What option does that leave car owners but to find a way to return their cars to a pre-damage state?

Car maintenance and repairs is a difficult field to navigate, even for most veteran car owners. There is so much we are unaware of, with regards to care-tune-up checklists, repair costs, and maintenance parameters. Fixing a car dent may initially seem like a daunting, expensive task, if we aren’t aware of the best way to proceed.

Well, look no further! We have provided a comprehensive guide that will help figure out the costs required to fix your car dents, bumps and return it to pitch-perfect shape.

What is the average cost of dent repairs?

The amount of money needed to repair a dent depends on a variety of factors, like size, location, and type of repair. On average, small dents can cost anywhere between $50 to $125, depending on the type of work you would prefer to be done on your vehicle. 

However, as the size of the dent increases, the cost of repairs also significantly shoots up. A medium-size dent can cost anywhere between $500-$700, and can even go up to $2,000 if the damage is extensive! But wise car owners are usually a step ahead and prefer having a cushion of car insurance, which throws away all the worries related to what I have mentioned above. In the grand scheme of things, cost of car insurance usually turns out to be lesser than the amount you would potentially spend on repairs and other problems that insurance would cover.

Traditional vs. Paintless dent repair

The cost of repair depends upon the method of repair you choose. Paintless Dent Repair is a process that is much more cost-effective than the traditional method. It involves reshaping the original metal with the help of machines and does not require the processes of painting, sanding, or drying. For small dents, this is the perfect low-cost alternative method, costing around $50$-$125, as mentioned before.

On the other hand, for medium-size to larger dents, opting for PDR becomes futile, as it fails to fix the damage. The large dent has to be beat-out and reshaped by a professional auto mechanic, then sanded down, painted, and left to dry. This is a labor-intensive method and may cost as much as $2,000. For larger damages, sometimes, the entire panel will have to be replaced, which can lead to even higher costs.

Factors that influence the repair cost

The cost of repair is completely dependent upon a variety of factors such as:

Size of the Dent

Minor dents usually don’t require technicians and cost between $50$ to $200. Moderate dents of around 3-4inches in size, usually caused by foreign objects, require a more professional approach and can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000. Unfortunately, major dents require dedicated professional work and resources and can sometimes cost up to $10,000.

Location of the Dent

Dents in remote areas of your car, that are hard to reach, will naturally cost a greater amount of money to repair. Moreover, fixing damage over flat surfaces like car doors usually costs less than curved surfaces, like the body of the car. If the damage is in a particular area that cannot be reshaped, the entire panel will need to be replaced, to return the car to its pre-dent state. 

The cost largely varies depending on the particular area. Car doors and windshields generally cost less, whereas damage to the body usually costs more to repair. However, the most expensive thing to repair is possibly paint damage. Paint is largely responsible for covering up dents, scratches, and blemishes, and a good paint job can cost up to $3,500.

Number of dents

It doesn’t take an auto mechanic to figure out that the cost of repair will rise with the number of dents. Just take the cost of a single dent and multiply it several times! Multiple dents are a menace to repair and can burn a real hole in car owners’ pockets. This is why hailstorms are the most dreaded weather conditions for a new car. Several balls of hard ice falling on your new car and creating a multitude of dents is definitely likely to cost you well above $2,500.

The quality of the body work

While dent fixers are available all over the internet for a process of merely $50, it is important to invest money into finding a skilled professional to repair your dent. The less skilled your mechanic is, the more likely he is to use low-quality materials, terrible paints and their handiwork tends to show on further inspection. Blotches, runny paints, color mismatches, and inconsistency in textures are some of the unfortunate consequences of repairing your dent at a low cost using a novice.

Top-tier body shops will likely use more layers of paint, good quality materials, and even ensure the non-visible parts of your cars are repaired. Though a good quality mechanic will cost nearly $1,000, it is definitely worth the investment.

Type of car

Newer, Luxury models, with various new electronic and mechanical features generally cost more to fix, than old and common models. The newer your car is, the more recommended it is that you invest a good sum of money in getting that pesky dent fixed! Older cars have age signs, deep scratches, and other smaller damages that are not worth fixing with a hefty amount.

Moreover, the larger number of additional features your car has, like sensors and bells, the more it is going to cost to repair dents.

Place of repair

The cost of repair also depends on the place you choose to get your car fixed. Dealerships tend to charge more, whereas independent body shops usually get the work done at a lower cost.

When should you invest more to fix your car dent?

Generally, if your car is brand new, it is recommended to invest resources into repairing your car to the greatest extent possible. If the repairs cost less than it will buy a new car, then you should go ahead with it. 

On the other hand, if an old car that is severely damaged keeps breaking down and putting you in dangerous situations. Then it may be time to cut your losses and buy a new car. When repairing a dent costs more than half the value of our old car, it is time to wave goodbye to our old friend and welcome a brand new car with open arms.


In conclusion, car dent repair costs can largely vary depending on several factors. Older cars, with small damages, can be repaired with as little as $50. Newer, fancier models will require more investment, especially if the damage is extensive, and can cost nearly $10,000 to $20,000. It is important to assess your financial situation, the extent of damage, and the condition of your car before taking a decision with regard to the cost of the spending. Ultimately, fixing your car dent requires a well-informed decision, otherwise, the cost will not reflect in the results of the repairs.

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