NOCO GB500 Boost Max Lithium Jump Starter Review

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2024)

The NOCO GB500 is a viable option for you if you’re having trouble finding a lithium jump starter capable of handling 24-volt batteries, typically found in larger trucks and commercial vehicles. Not every product on the market is designed for these larger batteries. The NOCO GB500 not only excels as a powerful jump starter but also functions exceptionally well as a portable charger, amongst other things.

NOCO GB500 Boost Max Lithium Jump Starter 2020
NOCO GB500 Boost Max Lithium Jump Starter 2020
It’s ideal for mechanics and professionals. It’s a powerful jump starter that can also work beautifully as a portable charger—and so much more.

Now it’s worth mentioning upfront that the NOCO GB500 isn’t cheap, especially compared to NOCO’s smaller chargers. So why would you need the power of the NOCO GB500, and is it worth the expense? Let’s get into the full features and functions to help you make that decision for yourself. 

Why should I buy the NOCO GB500?

The main advantage of the NOCO GB500 over other jump starters is its power. It can give you up to 20,000 amps of power and can jump an entire fleet of vehicles before it needs a recharge. As a 24v jump starter, it can jump vehicles other jump starters can’t, including semi-trucks, RVs, and even commercial buses. 

This NOCO jump starter is long-lasting, as well. It has a low self-discharge rate, holding its charge for up to a year between charges. You can count on the NOCO GB500 to give you the power you need. When it is time to recharge, it fills up quickly—right around 8 hours to get from empty to a full charge. 

NOCO GB500 Jump Starter
The NOCO GB500 will certainly make sure that the device is jump-started

Safety is important in a jump starter. The NOCO GB500 has heavy-duty, spark-proof clamps with reverse polarity protection. You don’t have to worry about damaging your battery (or yourself) if you accidentally put the clamps on backward. The clamps are secure, too, and won’t slip off the terminals even if you trip over the cable. 

The additional features of the NOCO GB500 are worth a mention, as well. Along with the clamps for jumping batteries, it has an outlet and two USB ports for charging other tools and devices. There’s a 7-setting LED lamp, too. No more fumbling in the dark if your battery dies at night, and if you’re truly stranded there are emergency strobe and SOS settings.

The digital voltmeter built into the NOCO GB500 is another handy feature. You can see the remaining charge in your battery before you start to charge it, giving you a better sense of how much power it needs. This is helpful in diagnosing other engine issues, too, like figuring out if your issue is with the battery or the alternator. 

What’s the bottom line? If you drive or repair large vehicles, you’ll need a similarly massive jump starter—and the NOCO GB500 is the best one out there. 

Pros and cons of NOCO GB500


  • High amp power for more, faster jumps
  • Fast-charging
  • Works with both 12-volt and 24-volt batteries
  • Designed for both gas and diesel engines in a range of sizes
  • Built-in protection against sparks and reverse polarity
  • Includes 2,200-lumen light with 7 modes
  • Dual USB ports for charging devices


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Costs more than other jump starters

Here is a short demo of the NOCO GB500 jump starter

Who is it for?

The NOCO GB500 jump starter is ideal for professional garages and drivers of commercial trucks or other heavy equipment. It’s more charger than the vast majority of DIY-ers and home mechanics need. If you’re looking for a jump starter for your family SUV or work pick-up, something like the NOCO GB50 or GB70 will give you the power you need at a lower price, and in a more portable package. 

For commercial drivers and fleet owners, however, the NOCO GB500 can be a godsend. It’s portable enough to carry with you on the road and can jump-start any vehicle with a 12-volt or a 24-volt battery. This also makes it a good choice for RV owners, buses, and large construction equipment. 


What is the NOCO genius boost?

The genius boost feature on NOCO jump starters automatically provides extra power when the battery is deeply discharged (at or below around 2 volts). Most batteries with this little power can’t be revived by traditional jump starters.

NOCO jump starters with the genius boost jump start by diagnosing the battery’s remaining charge. The boost is activated only when necessary. That prevents damage to the battery from over-charging and over-voltage. If you don’t want to use the genius boost, you can manually disable it, as well. 

What accessories come with the NOCO GB500?

Along with the jump starter itself, you’ll get a charging cable with a range of adapters. This includes cords for use in Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States, so this jump starter can be used around the world. You’ll also find a hard-sided carrying case and a helpful user manual in the box.

Is the NOCO GB500 Jump Starter covered by a warranty?

Yes. NOCO extends a 1-year limited warranty. It guarantees the product will be free of defects within the first year of use. If the jump starter breaks through no fault of your own, NOCO will repair or replace it for free so long as you have the receipt of purchase. 

Can you charge the NOCO GB500 through the lighter adapter in a vehicle?

Yes, you can. Keep in mind, though, that this is a very powerful jump starter. Don’t try to charge the jump starter from a recently-jumped battery, or when the engine is powered off, or you risk draining the battery again. You’ll also get a faster charge through a wall outlet than through the lighter adapter, so when you have access to an outlet that’s the better charging option.  

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