Ford Axle Code Chart: Everything You Need To Know

(Last Updated On: March 14, 2024)

To replace the rear-end axle parts of your Ford, you should refer to the Ford axle code chart. This is also necessary for rear differential replacements. The Ford Axle code chart is a useful reference for positraction replacements and in discerning the axle ratio of your specific vehicle.

Ford trucks and cars from 1968 onwards are equipped with the Ford Axle codes, which are clearly indicated on the certification plate. Finding the location of this certification plate is easy. The primary purpose of this plate is to show you if your vehicle is equipped with a limited-slip to rear-end differential. 

We will look at what axle codes are and how to identify the axle ratio from the code. You will also learn how to identify the codes in Ford vehicles.

What is an Axle code?

Axle code is a combination of letters and numbers stamped on a small plate/tag attached to your vehicle’s rear axle. The information on the plate includes:

  • Manufacture date of the particular car model (DATE)
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Tire size (TIRES)
  • Rim size (RIMS)
  • Exterior paint code (EXT PNT)
  • Wheelbase code (WB)
  • Interior Trim code (INT TR)
  • Paint stripe code (TP/PS)
  • Radio code (R)
  • Axle code (AXLE)
  • Transmission code (TR)
  • Spring code (SPR)
Axle code is a combination of letters and numbers stamped on a small plate/tag attached to your vehicle’s rear axle


The purpose of the axle code is to help identify the specifics of a particular vehicle’s rear-end axle. This will ensure that the correct replacement parts are purchased or salvaged from a junkyard to be used in the vehicle. 

Restoration matching issues will be avoided since the right optioned components will be used to make the restoration.

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How To Identify The Axle Ratio From The Axle Code

It is easy to locate the Axle Ratio from the Axle code, but first, we need to know how to get the Ford axle code itself. You can find the axle code on the Safety Standard Certification label information. Here is the step by step guide: 

4 Steps To Identify The Axle Ratio From The Axle Code
4 Steps To Identify The Axle Ratio From The Axle Code

Step 1: Locate the Safety Compliance Certification Label

The Safety Standard Certification/ Safety Compliance Certification label is located on the door pillar of the left driver seat of your truck. Start by opening the left driver’s front door. 

There may be other labels attached to that pillar so pay attention to one that looks similar to the one below.

Step 2: Locate the Axle code column on the label

Once you have identified the label, locate the word AXLE under the bar code section. It is a column with the label AXLE on top and the Axle Code at the bottom. That is your vehicle’s axle code. 

Now that you have identified the axle code, let us know the axle ratio.

Step 3: Get the manufacturer’s axle code chart

You will need to get your hands on your manufacturer’s axle code chart for this part. And you can find the axle code charts on the internet from your manufacturer. 

A copy of the Ford Axle Code Chart is linked below in this article. 

Step 4: Locate the axle ratio column

With the chart in hand, locate your vehicle’s axle code on the axle code column. Proceed to match the code with its corresponding Axle Ratio column on the table to find the ratio.

Here is an example to help you through. The image below shows the Safety Label of a Ford Truck. From the arrow, you can see the axle code is H9. As you proceed to the Ford Axle Code chart, you will notice that the table indicates it has a Ford 8.8″ Limited Slip Differential with an Axle Ratio of 3.55.

Safety Compliance Certification label
Find the axle code from the Safety Compliance Certification label

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Ford Axle Code Identification

Ford Axle codes help identify the vehicle’s positraction as well as an axle to gear ratio. By positraction, we talk about the type of differential the car uses, whether a limited-slip differential or a conventional non-Positraction differential. 

The Ford Axle code will also help you identify your particular model’s engine capacity and the year/vehicle make.

The axle code in our example, H9, has a specific meaning. Ford codes may have one or two characters, but any code starts with a letter. Like the H in our case shows a car with a limited-slip differential. The same applies to vehicles with codes containing numbers alone. There are a few exceptions that you will see in the Ford Axle code chart. 

The other identification information, 9, as observed from the chart, indicates a 3.55 gear ratio of the Ford F-150

Ford Axle code identification

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Ford Axle Code Chart

The Ford chart below contains a general decoder system for Ford pickup from the 1980s till the 1990s. This consists of the Ford Pickup F100 lineup till the Ford F350 lineup.

Axle Code
(Door Sticker)
AxleCapacity Gear RatioYear / Vehicle
1Ford 9"28002.75
2Ford 9"2800 3.00
4Ford 9"28003.25
7Ford 9"28002.47
12Ford3800 2.73 1991
13Ford 9"37502.751981-1983
13Ford 8.84.111985-1986
14Ford 9"37503.001981-1986
15Ford 9"37503.251981-1982
15Ford 9"37502.731983
16Ford 9"37503.50
17Ford38003.311995 / 1999-2002 / Expedition
17Ford 9"37502.47
18Ford 8.838003.081983-1986
19Ford 8.838003.551983-1986 / Expedition
23Dana 6053003.54
24Dana 6053003.73Econoline
25Dana 6053003.33
27Dana 7074004.10
28Dana 7074004.56
29Ford 10.25"53003.551991
313.73F-250 / Excursion
32Dana 6153003.00
33Dana 6162503.54
36Dana 7074003.731980
37Dana 6053003.54
38Dana 6053003.73
39Ford 10.2562503.551991 Econoline
42Dana 74004.10
43Dana 74003.54
45Ford 74004.101991
49Ford 10.25 74003.551991
51Dana 70 HD 74003.73
52Dana 70 HD 74004.10Econoline
53Dana 70 HD 74004.561982
53Dana 70 HD 74003.541983-1986
69Ford 10.2582503.25
B5Dana 60 - Limited Slip53003.33
B5Ford 10.25 - Limited Slip4.10
B6Ford - Limited Slip53003.55
B6Ford - Limited Slip3.73
B7Ford - Limited Slip53003.73
B9Ford 10.25 - Limited Slip3.55
C1Ford - Limited Slip3.73F-250 / Excursion
C2Dana 61 - Limited Slip53003.00
C2Dana 61 - Limited Slip53003.54
C2Dana - Limited Slip62504.10F-250 / Excursion
C3Dana Limited Slip62503.54
C3Ford - Limited Slip4.30F-250 / Excursion
C5Ford 10.25 - Limited Slip4.10
C6Ford - Limited Slip4.56F-250
C7Dana 60 - Limited Slip53003.54
C9Ford 10.25 - Limited Slip3.55
D1Limited Slip3.73F-350
D2Limited Slip 74004.10
D3Ford Limited Slip3.54
D3Dana - Limited Slip62504.10
D5Ford 10.25 - Limited Slip 74004.10
D6Limited Slip4.56F-350
D7Dana 70 - Limited Slip53004.10
E1Ford - Limited Slip3.73
E2Dana 70 HD - Limited Slip 74004.10
E3Limited Slip 4.30F-350
E5Ford Limited Slip82004.10
E6Limited Slip4.56F-350
EWLimited Slip4.88F-350
F1Limited Slip3.73F-350
F2Limited Slip4.10F-350
F3Limited Slip4.30F-350
F5Ford 10.25 -Limited Slip82504.10
F6Limited Slip4.56F-350
F9Ford Limited Slip82503.55
G2Dana Limited Slip63004.10
G3Dana Limited Slip63003.54
G3Limited Slip4.30F-450
G5Limited Slip5.38F-450
G8Limited Slip4.88F-450
GWLimited Slip4.10F-450
H3Ford 9" Limited Slip37502.751981-1982
H3Ford 8.8 Limited Slip38004.111985-1986
H4Ford 9" Limited Slip37503.001981-1986
H5Ford 9" Limited Slip37503.251981-1982
H5Ford Limited Slip3.31
H5Ford 9" Limited Slip37502.731983
H5Ford Limited Slip38004.101991
H6Ford 9" Limited Slip37503.50
H7Ford 9" Limited Slip37502.47
H7Ford 8.8" Limited Slip38003.311995 / Expedition
H8Ford 8.8" Limited Slip38003.081983-1986
H9Ford 8.8" Limited Slip38003.551983-1986 / Expedition
K5Limited Slip5.38F-550
K8Limited Slip4.88F-550
KWLimited Slip4.10F-550
L6Electric Locker3.732011
W5Ford - Limited Slip82504.101995

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Mismatching issues are a big problem when it comes to automotive repairs. Pairing your vehicle with the wrong axle components will not only damage your vehicle but cost you a lot down the line. Using the Ford Axle code chart, you will get to negate all these issues with ease.

Remember to locate the Safety Standard Certification label on the left side door post as you open the door. Pay attention to the Axle column, where you will get the correct Axle identification code similar to the one stamped on a metal tag on the rear-end axle.

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