P1457 Code – What Does It Mean & How To Fix It 

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2024)

P1457 Meaning

The EVAP system, utilized in up-to-date vehicles, aids in the emission of fuel vapor. The P1457 error code is associated with this EVAP system, although its meaning might differ based on the vehicle’s manufacturer and model. Notably, Honda and a few other manufacturers have designated the EVAP system error by marking it with the P1457 code in their automobiles. The EVAP system facilitates the engine in discharging burnt fuel vapor.

This system has two parts, one is a canister, and the other is the tank. Toxic vapors from the Engine are not released directly into the environment. The poisonous smoke emitted by the Engine accumulates in the canister of the EVAP system. And then the tank part sends that steam back to the Engine. It controls the temperature of the Engine and causes minor damage to the atmosphere.

Additionally, when the car triggers the P1457 error code, it means there is a small leak in the canister. The P1457 error code usually comes in the case of leaks smaller than two millimeters or less.

When the leak is large, another error code appears. Also, EVAP is a complex system, so you need to take the help of expert tools to diagnose and fix it. The Innova 5510 device is an entirely professional OBD scanner, and it is the best ABS code reader. Click to view Innova 5510 review.

How serious is the code?

You can take the P1457 problem as a medium problem. You will not face any difficulty while driving the car for this problem. But the reason for this error code is the fuel system is leaking, so it can cause other problems.

Also, the P1457 error will reduce the vehicle’s mileage, emitting harmful fumes from the car. For this, fix it before any significant problem occurs.

Causes of the P1457 code

There are many reasons for the complexity of the EVAP system that can lead to P1457 errors. So the probable cause is given below.

  • This error code can come if the vehicle does not have a fuel cap.
  • It is due to the use of the wrong fuel cap in the car.
  • If there is any defect in the vent valve, the code P1457 may come.
  • This problem may be due to the light fit of the filler cap.
  • This problem can occur for damaged EVAP canisters.
  • It may occur due to purification solenoid error.
  • Besides, the problem code may come from a fuel tank’s faulty pressure sensor.
  • The p1457 error will occur if the canister’s vent valve is damaged or stuck.
  • Also, this problem will occur even if the gas cap is missing.
  • This code will come even if there is a leak in the vacuum line of the canister.
  • Also shows, if there is a leak in the vacuum line of the canister.

Additionally, the P456 error code may be due to damaged or damaged wiring connections.

Symptoms of the P1457 code

Like the other problems of the car, the engine light also comes in the P1457 error code. This problem is usually not a problem in car handling. However, frequent engine shutdowns or engine stalling can occur. Also, if there is a leak somewhere in the EVAP system, there may be a faint odor of fuel in the air.

In many cases, only the engine light comes on for the P1457 problem, and no symptoms come.

How to fix P1457 code


First, you need to scan the car with a good OBD2 scan tool. In this case, you must use a good-quality OBD.

After scanning with the OBD scanner, notice if there is an error code other than P1457. Then erase the P1457 error code and come up with a drive.

Re-scan the car after giving the drive. And notice if there is any other error code related to the P1457 or EVAP system. The problem can be severe if another error code comes up.

Even then, if the P1457 error code comes in, check the gas cap for the problem. This error code often comes up for problematic gas caps.

This time check the vacuum line of the EVAP system thoroughly. Check the connection points to see if there are any spots or leaks in them. Also, make assured there are no holes in the canister and tank. If there are any leaks, take the car to an expert mechanic.

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  • If there is a valve problem or damage, replace it.
  • Even, there is a problem gas cap, change it.
  • Also, if there is a leak anywhere in the EVAP system, it needs to be fixed or replaced.
  • Lastly, the structure of the EVAP system is quite complex so take the help of an expert mechanic.

Common Mistakes

The structure of the EVAP system is very complex, so it is a bit challenging to find out the cause of the P1457 problem. However, many times P1457 can fix it very quickly and cheaply. You can repair this problem by just replacing valves, gas caps, and hoses most of the time. Many people are looking for direct leaks, which are very expensive to fix. It’s something you need to avoid.

Also, the P1457 problem is likely to be due to a faulty sensor in the vehicle’s fuel tank. Nonetheless, other OBD codes may also come in this case.


P1457 is a moderate type of problem. So go to a good mechanic without worrying too much about it. And after taking the fuel, you must put the gas cap well. It’s because if the gas cap is loose, the moisture can damage the fuel system. Finally, drive carefully and take care of your car regularly.

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