9 Best Dog Seat Covers for Ford F150 Owners – Protect Your Car in Style

(Last Updated On: July 10, 2024)

Imagine cruising down the road with your furry companion in tow, the sun peering through the windows as you both enjoy the ride. Now, picture protecting your Ford F150's seats with the best dog seat covers that not only shield your car from messes but also do so in style. With a range of options designed specifically for Ford F150 owners, these seat covers offer more than just protection—they elevate your driving experience. Explore how these covers can seamlessly blend functionality and fashion to enhance your travels with your four-legged friend.

Things to Note

  • Tailor-made design for Ford F150 trucks ensures a perfect fit.
  • Waterproof and durable materials protect seats from spills and accidents.
  • Safety features like anchor straps and non-slip backing ensure pet security.
  • Easy installation with quick release clips for user convenience.
  • Stylish designs enhance the look of your Ford F150 while keeping it clean.

Truck Back Seat Cover for Dogs – Dog Hammock for Truck

truck dog hammock cover

For Ford F150 owners looking to provide their canine companions with excellent comfort and protection during truck rides, the Truck Back Seat Cover by Ruff Liners is the ideal choice. Tailor-made for full-size crew cab trucks with a split seat design, this cover offers door-to-door protection with Velcro attachments, ensuring superior comfort for dogs.

Safety and security are prioritized with anchor straps, and the 100% waterproof design provides ultimate protection against spills and accidents. Weighing 9.97 pounds and measuring 60.2 x 43.3 x 31.5 inches, this Ruff Liners product, with the model number RL-XL-V3, has garnered positive feedback from users for its fit, durability, and ease of installation.

With a 4.5-star rating from 1,113 reviews, this dog hammock for trucks ranks among the best in its category.

Best For: Ford F150 owners seeking a tailored and durable solution for providing their canine companions with comfort and protection during truck rides.


  • Tailor-made design for full-size crew cab trucks with split seat layout.
  • Superior comfort and security for dogs with anchor straps and waterproof construction.
  • Positive user feedback on fit, durability, and ease of installation.


  • May be relatively heavy at 9.97 pounds.
  • Specific to Ford F150 trucks, limiting compatibility with other vehicle models.
  • Potential higher price point compared to generic seat covers.

Dog Car Seat Cover for Trucks, Waterproof Dog Hammock with Mesh Window

protective dog seat cover

The waterproof dog hammock with a mesh window is an ideal choice for Ford F150 owners looking to protect their truck seats while providing comfort for their furry passengers. Specifically designed for F150 & RAM 1500 trucks, this product offers features such as better air circulation through the mesh window, odor-free and eco-friendly materials, and a super waterproof, non-slip design.

The easy installation and cleaning process make it convenient for pet owners. Manufactured by Meginc, this dog hammock provides full protection for car seats, earning positive feedback for its quality, fit, and durability from customers.

With added benefits like storage pockets and compatibility with different truck models, this waterproof dog hammock is a practical and reliable choice for truck owners who prioritize their pets' comfort and their vehicle's cleanliness.

Best For: Pet owners with Ford F150 or RAM 1500 trucks looking to protect their vehicle's seats while ensuring their pets' comfort during rides.


  • Mesh window for improved air circulation
  • Easy installation and cleaning process
  • Provides full protection for car seats


  • Specific compatibility with F150 & RAM 1500 trucks only
  • Potential size limitations for other truck models
  • Warranty details and customer support may vary

ABE Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat

protective dog car cover

Ideal for Ford F150 owners, the ABE Dog Car Seat Cover for Back Seat offers a waterproof and scratch-resistant solution with a hammock design for pet safety.

This ABE-01 model weighs 8.8 pounds and measures 26.7 x 24.4 x 55.9 inches, fitting most trucks like F150, RAM 1500, Silverado, GMC, and Tundra. Customers have praised its ease of installation and specific truck fit.

While some feedback mentions material tears and zipper issues, modifications have been made for better comfort and fit in certain vehicles.

The cover provides easier access for dogs to enter the truck, a larger resting space, and prevents them from falling out of the back seat.

It ranks #256 in Dog Car Seat Covers and has garnered a 4.3-star rating based on 27 reviews.

Best For: Owners of full-size trucks like Ford F150, RAM 1500, Silverado, GMC, and Tundra looking for a waterproof and scratch-resistant car seat cover with specific truck fit.


  • Easy installation and specific fit for popular truck models
  • Hammock design for pet safety
  • Prevents dogs from falling out of the back seat


  • Some feedback on material tears and zipper issues
  • Mixed reviews on durability and functionality
  • Sizing modifications needed for certain vehicles

iBuddy Bench Car Seat Cover for Car/SUV/Truck, Waterproof Back Seat Cover for Kids & Pets

waterproof ibuddy bench cover

With its heavy-duty and nonslip design, the iBuddy Bench Car Seat Cover is a reliable choice for Ford F150 owners looking to protect their seats from pets and kids.

This waterproof back seat cover, measuring 60W x 50L, offers full protection with bottom and side flaps, preventing fluids from penetrating onto the leather seat. The durable materials and non-slip bottom with seat anchors guarantee stability and safety, making it suitable for full-size trucks and large SUVs.

Users appreciate its easy installation, machine washable feature, and ability to prevent scratches, dirt, and mud.

The iBuddy Bench Car Seat Cover has received positive feedback for its material quality, fit, and overall value, providing Ford F150 owners with a secure and comfortable solution for traveling with pets and kids.

Best For: Ford F150 owners seeking reliable protection for their seats from pets and kids.


  • Heavy-duty and nonslip design for stability and safety.
  • Full protection with bottom and side flaps.
  • Easy installation and machine washable for convenience.


  • Size may not fit smaller vehicles.
  • Limited color options available.
  • Side flaps may require adjustment for some seat configurations.

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover 100% Waterproof Hammock

dog seat cover protection

Best suited for Ford F150 owners who frequently travel with their furry companions, URPOWER Dog Seat Cover offers a 100% waterproof hammock design with durable 600D heavy-duty fabric. This seat cover features side flaps for added protection, easy access for elderly dogs, and versatile usage in most cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The nonslip backing, adjustable anchors, and Velcro openings guarantee safety and stability during rides. Users have praised its durability, ease of installation, and protection against scratches, dirt, and spills. The versatile design allows for use with both pets and children, keeping the back seat clean and comfortable.

With positive feedback on its longevity and stability, URPOWER Dog Seat Cover proves to be a reliable choice for pet owners on the go.

Best For: Pet owners who own Ford F150 vehicles and frequently travel with their furry companions.


  • 100% waterproof and durable 600D heavy-duty fabric.
  • Side flaps for added protection and easy access for elderly dogs.
  • Versatile usage in most cars, trucks, and SUVs.


  • Some users reported instances of wear and tear not meeting advertised specifications.
  • Lack of certain elements like pockets and zippers.
  • Mixed reviews on zipper stiffness and overall product quality.

Sportuli Dog Car Seat Cover for Ford F150 and Dodge Ram 1500, Waterproof Non Slip Pet Truck Back Bench Seat Cover (Full-Size Truck)

waterproof dog car seat

Tailored for Ford F150 owners, the Sportuli Dog Car Seat Cover offers waterproof, non-slip protection for their truck's back bench seat. This durable cover is constructed from premium 600D oxford fabric, cotton pad, TPU waterproof film, and silicone anti-slip net, ensuring both comfort and longevity.

With features like velcro openings for seatbelts, a scratch-resistant and waterproof outer layer, non-slip surface, and seat anchors, this cover provides thorough safeguarding for the back seat.

Installation is a breeze with quick release clips, and maintenance is simple with just a wet towel or vacuum cleaner. Users praise its versatility, using it not only as a pet mat but also for shielding the original seat cover from daily wear and tear.

Best For: Truck owners looking for durable and versatile protection for their back bench seat, especially Ford F150 and Dodge Ram 1500 owners.


  • Made of premium materials for durability and comfort
  • Easy to install with quick release clips
  • Can be used as a dog mat and for daily protection of the original seat cover


  • May not fit all truck models perfectly due to specific sizing
  • Limited color options available
  • Some users may find it challenging to clean thoroughly

Dog Seat Cover and Bed for Trucks (Black)

truck dog bed protection

Ideal for Ford F150 owners who frequently travel with their furry companions, the Dog Seat Cover and Bed for Trucks (Black) offers a back seat extender designed specifically for trucks. This product serves a dual purpose by preventing dog falls during travel while also functioning as a reliable car seat protector.

Constructed from high-quality fabric, it guarantees durability and comfort for pets. With its compatibility with most truck models, including Ford F150s, this seat cover and bed combo from TKYZ provides a practical solution for pet owners on the go.

While receiving positive feedback for its functionality and ease of installation, there have been some concerns regarding zipper quality and design, prompting suggestions for enhancements and improvements from users.

Best For: Ford F150 owners who frequently travel with their pets


  • Back seat extender for trucks
  • Functions as a car seat protector
  • Made of high-quality fabric


  • Concerns about zipper quality and design
  • Mixed reviews on product quality
  • Suggestions for enhancements and improvements

XL Dog Car Seat Cover for Trucks, Waterproof Hammock Pet Cover for Crew Cab Trucks

truck dog seat cover

The XL Dog Car Seat Cover for Trucks, Waterproof Hammock Pet Cover for Crew Cab Trucks is designed to cater to Ford F150 owners with large dogs who prioritize protection and comfort during travels. This waterproof and spill-resistant cover is specifically tailored for full-size crew cab trucks, offering full protection against muddy paws, pet hair, spills, and drool.

With easy installation using Hook and Loop Fastener, it provides a larger resting space on the truck floor while shielding the car interior from scratches, stains, and damage. Customers appreciate its durability, easy maintenance, and the added benefit of a 2-year warranty.

While some users suggest improvements in door panel attachment, the overall positive feedback on its effectiveness, comfort, and secure travel solution make it a popular choice for pet owners on the go.

Best For: Owners of Ford F150 trucks with large dogs seeking durable protection and comfort during travels.


  • Provides full protection against muddy paws, pet hair, spills, and drool.
  • Easy installation with Hook and Loop Fastener for a secure fit.
  • Offers a larger resting space on the truck floor while shielding the car interior.


  • Some users have reported issues with door protectors not staying secured.
  • Mixed feedback on the fit and appearance of the cover.
  • Suggestions for improvements in door panel attachment have been made by some customers.

Dog Seat Covers for Trucks, Waterproof Dog Car Hammock for Chevrolet Silverado RAM Trucks GMC

waterproof dog car hammock

Perfect for Ford F150 owners, these waterproof dog seat covers provide durable protection and comfort for pets during travel in trucks like Chevrolet Silverado, RAM, and GMC models.

Manufactured by Comwish, these seat covers come in a convenient size of 60 inches wide by 64 inches long, featuring a mesh visual window for air circulation, a hammock with side flaps, and waterproof, wearproof, nonslip, and safe qualities.

With a weight of 4.44 pounds, they're designed to guarantee your pet's safety and comfort. Users have praised these covers for their easy installation, cleaning convenience, and ability to safeguard seats from dirt, hair, and scratches.

The positive feedback on product quality, fit, and durability, along with a 1-year warranty, make these dog seat covers a reliable choice for truck owners.

Best For: Truck owners looking for durable and comfortable waterproof dog seat covers suitable for Chevrolet Silverado, RAM, and GMC models.


  • Easy to install and clean
  • Provides comfort and safety for pets during travel
  • Durable material with waterproof and wearproof features


  • Mixed feedback on product quality and fit
  • Some users reported issues with missing parts and returns
  • May not fit all truck models perfectly

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Seat Cover for Ford F150

When choosing a dog seat cover for your Ford F150, consider factors like the perfect fit for your truck, the durability of the materials used, and how easy it's to install.

Additionally, look for features that prioritize your pet's safety and comfort, such as a waterproof design to protect your seats from any accidents.

These points will help you find the ideal dog seat cover that meets both your needs and your furry friend's.

Fit for Ford F150

Consider carefully the fit of a dog seat cover when selecting one for your Ford F150, making sure it meets the specific requirements for a secure and tailored installation. To find the perfect fit for your Ford F150, look for features like tailored sizing and adjustable straps that can accommodate the unique dimensions of the Ford F150 seats.

Confirming compatibility with the seat design of your Ford F150 is essential to prevent any gaps or shifting during use. Check for any specific attachments or anchor points that are tailored for the Ford F150 to ensure a snug and stable fit.

Opting for a dog seat cover explicitly marketed or recommended for Ford F150 trucks will guarantee ideal compatibility and functionality. By choosing a dog seat cover designed specifically for the Ford F150 model, you can protect your car seats effectively while keeping your furry companion comfortable and secure during car rides.

Material Durability

Select a dog seat cover for your Ford F150 that offers sturdy materials capable of withstanding your dog's activities. When considering material durability, look for options crafted from 600D oxford fabric or heavy-duty polyester. These materials are known for their toughness and ability to resist wear and tear over time.

Opting for waterproof and scratch-resistant materials is also crucial to effective protection for your truck seats. Features like TPU waterproof film and silicone anti-slip net can provide additional durability and comfort for your furry companion.

Additionally, choose a cover made from materials that are easy to clean and maintain, as this won't only save you time but also contribute to the longevity of the seat cover. Prioritizing material durability guarantees that your dog seat cover will remain in top condition even after prolonged use and various adventures with your pet.

Installation Ease

To ensure a seamless experience when installing a dog seat cover in your Ford F150, focus on options that offer user-friendly features like quick release clips or adjustable straps for easy setup.

Seek seat covers that provide straightforward attachment mechanisms and clear installation instructions or videos to simplify the process.

Opt for covers with adjustable straps or buckles, enabling you to tailor the fit to your specific Ford F150 model. Choosing seat covers specifically tailored for Ford F150 guarantees a perfect and trouble-free installation.

It's vital to prioritize seat covers with user-friendly designs that simplify the installation task and make it quick. By choosing a cover with features aimed at easy installation, you can safeguard your car interior effectively and with minimal effort.

Pet Safety Features

Look for dog seat covers designed with safety features such as anchor straps or seat belt openings to guarantee your pet's security during car rides in your Ford F150. These safety elements ensure that your furry friend stays in place and protected in case of sudden stops or turns.

Additionally, opt for covers with non-slip backing to prevent your dog from sliding around while you drive. This feature adds an extra layer of security, keeping your pet stable and comfortable during the journey.

Consider seat covers with side flaps or hammock designs as they provide a safe and cozy space for your dog, reducing the risk of them getting injured or causing distractions.

Prioritize materials that are waterproof and durable to shield your seats from any accidents or spills that may occur.

Waterproof Design

When selecting a dog seat cover for your Ford F150, securing a waterproof design is essential to protect your vehicle's seats from spills and pet accidents.

Look for materials like 600D oxford fabric with TPU waterproof film for maximum protection against water, mud, and other liquids. These covers aren't only durable but also easy to clean, maintaining your Ford F150's interior in top condition for longer.

The waterproof feature acts as a barrier, preventing odors and stains from seeping into your seats, preserving their look and quality. Opting for a waterproof dog seat cover secures a clean and dry environment for your pet during travel, making the journey more comfortable for both your furry friend and your Ford F150.

Invest in a high-quality waterproof dog seat cover to safeguard your vehicle from any unexpected messes and enjoy peace of mind on the road.

User Experience

Consider selecting a dog seat cover for your Ford F150 based on user experiences that highlight factors such as fit, ease of installation, durability, material quality, comfort for pets, and additional features like waterproofing and non-slip design. Users stress the importance of a snug fit to protect your truck seats effectively.

Positive feedback often revolves around how easy it's to install and remove the cover, saving you time and hassle. The durability and quality of materials used in the seat cover are frequently mentioned as essential for long-lasting protection.

Comfort for pets during travel is a top priority for many users, ensuring a pleasant ride for your furry companion. Features like waterproofing keep your seats dry and easy to clean, while a non-slip design prevents the cover from shifting during journeys.

Additional perks such as storage pockets add convenience and functionality to enhance your overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will These Seat Covers Fit Other Truck Models Besides the Ford F150?

Yes, these seat covers are designed to fit a variety of truck models, not just the Ford F150. They've a universal fit that can accommodate many different vehicles, so you can likely use them in your truck even if it's not an F150.

Just make sure to check the product specifications to confirm compatibility with your specific truck model before purchasing.

Can These Seat Covers Be Used in SUVS or Cars as Well?

Sure, those seat covers are like chameleons for your car seats! They easily adapt to fit in SUVs or cars, not just limited to Ford F150s.

Are There Specific Cleaning Instructions for These Seat Covers?

For the best care of these seat covers, simply follow the specific cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Regularly vacuuming or shaking off loose debris can help maintain their appearance.

If needed, spot clean with a mild detergent and water solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that could damage the material.

Do These Seat Covers Come With a Warranty or Guarantee?

Like a shield guarding your car's seats, these covers offer peace of mind.

Yes, they come with a warranty, ensuring your satisfaction and providing added protection.

Feel confident in your purchase knowing that these seat covers are backed by a guarantee, promising quality and durability.

Enjoy the freedom to let your furry friend ride along without worry, knowing your seats are covered and secured.

Can These Seat Covers Accommodate Large Breed Dogs Comfortably?

Yes, these seat covers can comfortably accommodate large breed dogs. The covers are spacious and designed to provide ample room for big dogs to sit or lay down comfortably during car rides.

They offer a secure and cozy space for your furry friend, ensuring they stay relaxed and safe while you focus on driving.

You can trust that these seat covers will meet the needs of your large breed dog.


So, when it comes to protecting your Ford F150 from pet messes and scratches, these top 9 dog seat covers have got you covered.

With features like waterproof designs, easy installation, and durable materials, you can keep your truck clean and stylish while ensuring your furry friend's safety and comfort.

Choose the perfect cover that meets your needs and enjoy worry-free rides with your canine companion in tow.

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