Two Stroke Vs. Four Stroke Dirt Bike: Which One Do You Prefer?

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2024)

Which is the better choice for you, a Two-stroke or a Four-stroke dirt bike? Two-stroke bikes are typically connected with the early days of motocross, with their popularity peaking in the 1970s. Nevertheless, the favoured choice amongst majority of today’s leading riders is the four-stroke bike.

It is because, considering the type of your bike and riding experience, the two and four-stroke bikes vary in their performance. However, still, there’s a little confusion no matter whether you should have a two or four-stroke bike while you’re a beginner or expert. 

This article will outline how two-stroke vs four-stroke dirt bike engines work and discuss their features, advantages, disadvantages, and many more.

Two Stroke Vs. Four Stroke Dirt Bike: Best For Beginners

two stroke vs four stroke dirt bike
Find out the differences between two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes and choose the best suit for yourself.

Two Stroke Bike

Our recommendation is for beginners for a two-stroke bike. It is because the two-stroke bike will give you plenty of benefits. A two-stroke bike is a great way to get around because it doesn’t use any gas, and there aren’t that many parts to worry about. 

There’s also the bonus of no noise. However, let’s see what the other benefits of buying a two-stroke bike are.

  • Ideal for Short Race

According to most pro-bike enthusiasts, you should choose the two-stroke bikes for short races as a novice rider because it is easy to handle. 

  • Lightweight

Usually, the two-stroke bikes are approximately 215 lbs, which is very lightweight.  Therefore, you’ll be able to move them easily and make your short-distance riding easy and comfortable. 

  • Best Matched with Height

This bike is a perfect match for riders concerned with their height and weight. It is a good deal to match your height and weight while using a bike. In this sense, the two-stroke bike is an ideal product for you.

Four Stroke Bike 

Now, come here for a four-stroke bike. A two-stroke bike is good, but it doesn’t mean that the four-stroke bike is not. Let us help you to know the benefits of buying a four-stroke bike.

  • Ideal for Long Race

While the two-stroke bike is suitable for a short race, you’ll find the four-stroke bike outstanding in a professional race competition. The four-stroke bikes are designed for the professional levels of riders. 

  • Heavy Weight

The four-stroke bike will not come with a lightweight feature. Here, it will be pretty heavy to control for riding. So, you have to choose to buy a four-stroke bike only while you’re an expert. We recommend you ignore buying a four-stroke unless you have previous experience of riding.

  • Not Good with Every Height and Weight

Unless you have good health and height, it won’t be wise to decide on a four-stroke bike. If your height/weight doesn’t match your vehicle, you cannot control your riding. So, we strongly suggest you focus on this issue before you invest in your bike.

Consequently, it is not a big deal to choose a bike between two or four strokes. Focus on the given advantages above to reach out for your decision. 

Two Stroke Vs. Four Stroke Dirt Bike: Maintenance

We don’t mean cool and clean when we say two-stroke vs four-stroke dirt bike maintenance. We talk greasy and gritty! So, let’s figure out the difference.

Two Stroke Bike

As one might imagine, these bikes are the rebel of the family as they require no more than an oil change once in a while for good measure. However, these little evil machines need nothing else but periodic tune-ups to keep on going strong.

But, the biggest downside with two-stroke bikes is that they tend to wear out parts rather quickly due to their constant explosive use over time. So, here, you’ve to be careful whether you’re using your bike for a long time. Or else, it will require you to get quick maintenance. 

Four Stroke Bike

With a reputation for being difficult to keep going, two-stroke dirt bike maintenance will consume more time and money than a four-stroke bike. It also requires regular shifting, which you’ll not face while using a four-stroke bike.

Finally, we would like to introduce a four-stroke dirt bike. It will give you no more worrying about leaks in the fuel chamber. Also, you can enjoy having faster speed in the case of the four-stroke bike.

Two-Stroke Vs. Four Stroke Dirt bike: Pros And Cons 

Many things will help you make your riding peaceful while having both two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes. But, still, there are a few demerits for both of these models. So, let’s see some of the pros and cons of two-stroke vs four-stroke dirt bikes. 

Two Stroke Dirt Bike


  • Well affordable for all levels of users
  • You’ll find it trouble-free to clean
  • Easy to control the speed/ riding
  • Suitable to go through the narrow surface


  • Quite tough to sustain 
  • Not well-suited for our ecology 

Four Stroke Dirt Bike


  • Requires less shifting
  • Well manageable for peaceful riding
  • Great power output
  • Easy to ride


  • Pretty heavy
  • Requires expensive maintenance cost
Let see what the differences between two-stroke and four-stroke are – Ride With The Knights


You’ve now got a couple of options in terms of two-stroke vs four-stroke dirt bike. What you should consider is the riding that you do and what is the way you do it. 

If you’re learning, practicing, or outing, go for a two-stroke dirt bike that is designed for teenagers.

But, if you like to go large on dirt trails, take shortcuts through mud pits, and scream around jumps, you must choose a four-stroke dirt bike engine. 

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