Ancel AD310 vs AD410 vs AD530: From best to worst code reader

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2024)

Were you aware that Ancel AD310 is the code reader that’s most widely utilized in the 2021 market?

Well, unlike AD310, her younger sisters – AD410 and AD530 – are not that popular. They offer more functions, and of course, a little more expensive. 

So should you go cheap? I’m here to help you with that question. Scroll down and prepare to be cursed with knowledge! 

AD310 vs AD410 vs AD530: head-to-head comparison

Ancel AD310
Ancel AD310
Check Price
Ancel AD410
Ancel AD410
Check Price
Ancel AD530
Ancel AD530
Check Price
Customers rating
Timmy rating8.08.59.0
PriceAncel AD310 priceAncel AD410 priceAncel AD530 price
Supported OBDII modes6910
Read/erase engine codes
Live data
Freeze frame
I/M readiness
Retrieve vehicle info
O2 sensor test--
On-board monitor test--
EVAP system test--
DTC Lookup--
Battery status----
Codes' definition----
Read/erase other modules’ codes
Compatible cars- 1996 and newer models sold in the USA
- 2000 and newer EU cars
- 2005 and newer Asian cars
- 1996 and newer models sold in the USA
- 2000 and newer EU cars
- 2005 and newer Asian cars
- 1996 and newer models sold in the USA
- 2000 and newer EU cars
- 2005 and newer Asian cars
ScreenLCDTFT true colorTFT true color
Warranty 1 year 1 year1 year

What do they have in common?

Ancel AD310 is the most basic code reader among the three. Therefore, what they have in common is technically about everything AD310 can do.

Which cars they can work with

Obviously, the very first thing you need to check when buying those is whether they can work with your cars or not. 

Good news. They are very much likely to be able to do that. Just make sure your car is one of these

  • 1996 and newer models sold in the USA 
  • 2000 and newer EU cars 
  • 2005 and newer Asian cars 

Read/erase engine trouble codes

If you’re reading this, I’m 90% sure that your check engine light (CEL) is on, and you’re looking for an affordable option instead of going to the mechanic.

Am I right?

Well, all the three Ancel sisters can access the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and pull the engine fault codes, which will let you know what causes the CEL to come on.

After you get the codes, google them and fix your car. With many problems, you can do it yourself. But in some complicated scenarios, you have to bring the car to a mechanic.

In that case, just tell the mechanic what codes your car has, and you don’t have to worry about him messing around, trying to take you some extra money.

Note: There’s no point erasing the fault codes without fixing the real problems. They’ll come back anyway.
how not to delete fault codes
Fix the real problems first before erasing the fault codes. Otherwise, their coming back is inevitable.

Live data & freeze frame

Sometimes, getting the codes is only the first step of identifying the specific problems. You still need to look at the live data and freeze frame to know exactly where your car gets hurt.

Live data

These code readers let you view the engine-related live data, including:

  • Fuel system status
  • RPM
  • Speed
  • Load_PCT
  • Short term and long term fuel trim
  • And many more

Freeze frame

Freeze frame is the snapshot of live data when the trouble code is triggered. And it’s very valuable data for troubleshooting. 

When you erase the fault codes, all freeze frame data will be deleted as well.

I/M readiness

Inspection and Maintenance readiness lets you know whether your car’s emissions systems are operating properly and are ready for the smog test.

Note that this feature only shows that your car is ready for a smog test or not. Will it pass? Not 100%.

Retrieve vehicle information

In case you’re planning to buy a used car, this feature is for you. Using these code readers, you can retrieve vehicle information, such as:

What are the differences?

AD530 > AD410 > AD310

Differences in a nutshell

Don’t panic. You don’t have to be an Asian to understand this inequation. Let me explain.

Compared to the other 2, AD310 is the most basic code reader. Meanwhile, AD410 is a bit more advanced, offering everything AD310 has, plus:

  • Live data graph
  • O2 sensor test
  • On-board monitor test
  • EVAP system test
  • Free lifetime update

The most advanced tool among the three is definitely AD530. It has all of the features that AD410 has. Moreover, it also allows you to check your car’s battery status and fault code’s definition.

The above inequation is also true when it comes to price!

With that in mind, here’s the in-depth differences:

What AD410 and AD530 have but AD310 doesn’t

Live data graph

When selecting the “Datastream” (live data) feature, you can see the changing values of different sensors.

In some cases, those numbers will not help you with the diagnosis. You actually need to monitor:

  • How things change within a particular period of time,
  • Minimum value
  • Maximum value

And there is no better way to do that than graphing the data.

AD410 and AD530 allow you to view live data graphs of 3 sensors maximum.

But why can’t AD310 display live data graph? Just look at its screen and you know why.

AD310 comes with a simple classic LCD screen. And I don’t think this kind of technology can draw graph.

O2 sensor test

O2 sensor test function is to test … O2 sensor. Yea, obviously.

The purpose is to identify issues related to fuel efficiency and emissions system. This test is automatically run and stored by the car’s computer (if certain conditions are met). These tools’ job is just to take the test results out.

Note that AD410 and AD530 don’t support O2 sensor test for vehicles using controller area network (CAN).

On-board monitor test

You may know this feature as mode $06. The purpose is to keep track of how engine and emission control components are functioning.

These components are customized by the vehicle manufacturer. So the tools can display different types of monitor tests for different vehicles.

EVAP system test

The test’s purpose is to detect leak in your EVAP system.

AD410 and AD530 don’t actually do this test. They just signal the car’s computer to do so.

Free lifetime update

When you buy an AD410 or AD530, you’ll receive a USB cable, which allows you to update the software, fix bugs, or add new parameters. All of that is for free.

What you need to do is:

  • Connect the device to your computer via a USB cable.
  • Download the software from the ANCEL website
  • Unzip it and install the file
  • When the update is done, you’ll hear a “beep” and “update success”.

With the most affordable price, it’s understandable that AD310 does not offer any update.

What AD530 has but the others don’t

Battery status

Ancel AD530 can be used as a multimeter to measure your car’s battery real time voltage.

If your car’s battery is in good shape, the voltage should be at 12.6 volts or above. When the car is running, it should be between 13.7 to 14.7 volts.

This means you need to change your car battery.

Code definition

AD530 comes with an “i” button. When you push it, the device will display your car’s fault code definition and some advice to fix them.

Personally, this feature is quite convenient, but not that much. Why?

If you’re reading this, you probably know about the greatest invention of the Homosapien – the Internet! Yes, you can just google codes and get much more thorough information than what this little tiny button gives you.

Which one is worth your money?

Ha, the title tricked you. There is no such thing as the best or worst tool. “The most suitable” are the words that you should look for.

If you just need a cheap option to fix CEL

Ancel AD310
Ancel AD310
Your car check engine light (CEL) is on, and you’re looking for an affordable option to fix it? There’s no need to pay extra bucks for AD410 or AD530. AD310 is the one true tool for you.


  • Affordable
  • Simple to use
  • Get the job done (read/erase codes)


  • Lack of several features
  • Classic LCD screen
  • No update

AD310 is the most affordable among the three.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s no reason to fear “cheap” as long as the tool does its job. Seriously, if your CEL is on and that’s the only thing you’re concerned about, just go for AD310.

Ok, its screen may look a little classic. And some of you may not like it. But I’m more like a “classic” guy, so I’m good with that. It’s up to your preferences.

The biggest drawback of AD310 is probably lack of live data graph. But with this price, I couldn’t ask for more.

If you like something in the middle

Ancel AD410
Ancel AD410
If you don’t like AD310’s screen or you need more features to do different kinds of tests on your cars, AD410 is a decent option for you. It offers a free lifetime update, so you don’t have to worry about the tool being useless after some changes.


  • Offer more features than AD310 does
  • Simple to use
  • TFT true color screen
  • Free lifetime update


  • Less value for money than AD530

Lying in the middle of the inequation, AD410 offers much more features than the AD310 does.

Along with several additional modes, I find the live data graph the most helpful for identifying real problems behind the codes.

It also comes with a TFT color screen. So if you’re not a classic guy, you’re probably gonna like it better than AD310’s screen.

If you wanna pay a few more $ for reading battery volt

Ancel AD530
Ancel AD530
AD530 is basically an AD410 with the battery-status feature. If battery voltage reading is what you need (or may need in the future), paying a few more bucks for AD530 is a no-brainer.


  • Offer all features AD310 and AD410 have
  • Codes’ definition and advice to repair
  • Check battery status
  • Free lifetime update
  • Simple to use
  • TFT true color screen


  • Slightly more expensive

AD530 is basically a better AD410 with the battery-status feature and the little “i” button giving you the code’s definition.

You can get this tool only with a few more bucks (compared to AD410). However, the value you get is much more than that. For now, you may not need to read the battery voltage. But trust me, it’s just the matter of time before you do.

It’s not fair to say Ancel AD530 is the most expensive code reader among the three (even though it’s true). AD530 is just the least affordable tool, in a good way!

To me, all the three Ancel sisters are pretty much affordable. But AD530 is just slightly more expensive than the rest.


1. Can AD310, AD410, or AD530 diagnose ABS or air bag system?

No. these tool can only read data from the engine system.

2. Can these tool display transmission fluid temperature?

Not that I know of.  But you can use an infra red temperature gun for that.

3. Can I use AD530 to code my BMW?

No. AD530 can’t do that. OBDLink CX is better options for that kind of work.

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