BOSS CH6500 vs CH6520 vs CH6530: Who’s the real “BOSS”?

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2024)

Do you enjoy BOSS products and are you wondering which speaker is the top-rated product in the 6.5” Chaos Exxtreme line?

So, while speaking of a speaker’s sound quality and price factor, we could imagine nothing but BOSS Audio Systems for the exceptional audio quality and affordability that they offer.

This article will show you the differences and similarities of the three most talked-about BOSS Chaos Exxtreme speakers, i.e., CH6500, CH6520, and CH6530.

Let’s see which one is the real BOSS!

BOSS CH6500 vs. CH6520 vs. CH6530 — Comparison chart

Below comes with an overview of CH6500, CH6520, and CH6530 speaker

Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
ComponentsTweeter, Woofer, MidrangeTweeter, WooferTweeter, Woofer
Power ratingsPeak (300W)
RMS (150W)
Peak (250W)
RMS (125W)
Peak (200W)
RMS (100W)
Mounting depth2.125''2.125''1.75''
Frequency response100Hz – 18kHz100Hz – 18kHz100Hz – 18kHz
Pros✔ Durable and sturdy
✔ Excellent sound quality
✔ Extraordinary bass performance
✔ Value for money
✔ Corrosion-resistant
✔ Improved sound quality
✔ No amplifiers required
✔ Slim-mount speaker
Cons✘ Struggles with high frequencies✘ Rattling sound with loud music✘ Weak mid-range
Timmy's score9.79.08.0

Which characteristics they share

For BOSS Audio Systems, quality is paramount. The following are four major similarities affecting the sound quality that these 3 models offer.

Type & Design

All three audio systems are full range and 6.5 inches car speakers that produce superior sound quality and detail in the mid-level tones.

The full-range speakers create sound and bass at a level that is audible to the human ear. This kind of speaker can produce music of complete range — from the low-frequency bass sound to the high-frequency treble.

However, the quality of sound varies depending upon the style and design of each specific full-range speaker. I will explain this in detail below.

Frequency response

The three speaker models, CH6500, CH6520, CH6530, feature the same frequency range from 100Hz – 18kHz. To improve your listening experience, full-range speakers usually offer various drivers and cover an entire audio spectrum compared to component car speakers.

Since all the three mentioned speakers have high and low frequencies, the overall car audio system uses voice coils for high frequencies and subwoofers for low frequencies.

The ideal frequency response, 20Hz to 20kHz; yet, 100Hz – 18kHz is still impressive enough to enjoy your playlist once you’ve achieved the right setting.

Sensitivity rating

If you don’t know much about car audio, remember that the speaker transforms power (watts) into volume (dB), and sensitivity rating tells you how efficiently your speaker performs this action. In short, sensitivity rating determines the amount of sound that will be coming out of speakers.

While estimating the perfect sensitivity rating, there’s a rule of thumb.

“The higher the sensitivity rating, the louder and crispier your speakers will generate sound.”

For car audio systems, a sensitivity rating that lies above 90dB is deemed fit. Luckily, all three Chaos Exxtreme products have a sensitivity rating of 90dB, which is considered ideal in the case of full-range car speakers.


Speakers, in the life of an audiophile, play a vital role. Therefore, car audio experts suggest getting surround material that is tough yet stretchable. Then, rubber which is affordable and resilient, is the common material used for speakers’ surround.

And, the high-quality rubber surround is another shared attribute across the three speaker models.

Which features make them unique

We have thoroughly discussed the common characteristics that CH6500, CH6520, and CH6530 share. Now, let’s dive into the key differences, which make each model unique from its counterparts.


Based on the configuration, speakers are divided into several categories, but the BOSS CH6500, CH6520, and CH6530 fall under two common types.

  • Two-way speakers: CH6500 and CH6530
  • Three-way speakers: CH6530

Two-way speakers consist of a tweeter and a woofer, where the woofer handles the lower frequencies, and the tweeter takes control of the higher ones. However, the three-way speakers consist of an additional midrange besides the woofer and tweeter.

Moreover, 3-way speakers are for those interested in music with lower bass like rock, R&B, etc., while 2-way speakers provide an excellent output for pop, trap music with less bass.

So, the most evident difference between the three speaker models is the 2-way and 3-way speaker system.


As mentioned above, the configuration of the three models is different, and hence, the components.

Since CH6530 is a three-way speaker, it comprises a woofer, tweeter, and midrange, while the other two speakers lack midrange and only feature woofers and tweeters. The CH6530 can produce clear sound from 200Hz – 2kHz due to its dome midrange. This is the most crucial factor that tells CH6530 apart from CH6500 and CH6520.

Anyway, these 3 speakers in this product line share the same materials for the woofer and the tweeter. The poly injection cone woofer is rigid and well-damped, controlling the breakup and getting a smooth roll-off.

Also, the tweeter is made of Piezoelectric that helps to generate a crispier sound. This material is resistant to overloads which would destroy high-frequency drivers as with conventional tweeters. Thus, the dome tweeter will improve acoustic dispersion; however, it will require a lot of power to operate properly.

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Power ratings

Power ratings/power handling is the total estimate of how much your speakers can eventually cope with, which is the key difference among each speaker.

Therefore, power ratings depend on your system. A low-powered system doesn’t need high-powered car speakers.

Chaos Exxtreme models feature various peak and RMS values:

  • CH6500: Peak (200W)/ RMS (100W)
  • CH6520: Peak (250W)/ RMS (125W)
  • CH6530: Peak (300W)/ RMS (150W)

The peak values are the maximum power values each speaker can withhold, where the RMS is the power your speakers handle continuously, not just for a short period.

Ideally, we always choose the speaker with high maximum RMS power handling. Thus, my optimal choice concerning the power rating would be CH6530 with RMS handling of 150 watts.

Mounting depth

The vital factor in finding the perfect audio speakers for your car is the mounting depth which measures the distance from the speaker’s flange to the magnet base part.

The difference in this speakers’ feature determines the kind of speaker that would suit your car the best. The mounting depth of CH6500 is 1.75”, whereas CH6520 and CH6530 have the same 2.125” size in depth.

Therefore, before making a purchase, find out its mounting depth and make sure that the speaker you choose fits your car perfectly.

Price differential

Well, I have mentioned everything in detail, which affects the sound quality. Now, let’s come straight to the other point; the price factor. CH6500 is the cheapest in this product line, while CH6530 is the most expensive, and the CH6520 speaker is mid-priced.

Nevertheless, BOSS Audio Systems is known as an affordable brand for drivers, so the difference in price between these 6.5” Chaos Exxtreme speakers is not too much. In my view, the price will not be a vital factor when purchasing these speakers. Well, it is to some people.

Which one should you buy?

If you want the best, take CH6530

It’s highly recommended the Chaos Exxtreme CH6530 will be an “exxtreme-ly” good purchase for all the music lovers without breaking the bank.

Are you a person who enjoys loud music while traveling? If yes, I highly recommend that you should get your hands on Chaos Exxtreme CH6530 because of its 3-way clarity speaker and the highest power rating compared to others.

Since it has a higher power rating, the sensitivity rating of 90dB complements the system. Hence, CH6530 will be the BOSS of this 6.5” Chaos Exxtreme line for a crystal clear, fuller, and more precise sound quality that outperforms the other two speakers.

In terms of convenience, price, and outstanding features, CH6530 tops them all. It’s the most expensive speaker among the two (not too much), but it’s worth every penny.

If you fancy a 2-way speaker

Those who fancy 2-way speakers with features closer to CH6530 should go for CH6520 as it’s cheaper. CH6520 is what you want, something crisp and clean to your ears.

With all the considerable features mentioned above, Chaos Exxtreme CH6520 as a 2-way speaker does a great job without amplifiers. Moreover, the speaker polyurethane cone with a rubber surround provides maximum flexibility during active hours.

Are you fond of music with less bass? Are you finding that a 3-way speaker is not right for your vehicle? If the answers are definitely yes, the BOSS CH6520 would be an absolute bargain for you with aspects closer to CH6530.

If you have mount depth problem

Do you own a car with the speaker’s narrow mount depth? Don’t worry! CH6500 will help you solve this issue with its slim-mount design.

If you are a fan of low-to-medium volume, you should go for them; yet, I am sure that no auto-audiophile wants to own low volume speakers when riding on the road.

However, CH6500 will be your jam with a 1.75” mount depth design. Slim-mount design is the only outstanding trait of this product. This will assist you with installing if your car has a narrow room for speakers.

In the end, compared to other features, CH6500 can’t compete with CH6520 or even CH6530.

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